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The American international school of Busan

University preparatory program for ages 3-18
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Our Team

Our team is composed not only of qualified and certified educators (teachers, ELL and ESL specialists) but also of the professional staff (administration, main office support,

bus, drivers, cleaners) who contribute to creating a thriving environment for your student to learn and fulfil him/herself.

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Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs)

Busan Foreign School encourages students, teachers, and parents/guardians to work as a community of learners, fostering the traits of a true SHARK.

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The value of Team Sports

At BFS we believe that exercise and fitness contribute to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

BFS offers many competitive sports all school year round to all students, regardless of skill level.

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A Balanced Education

Busan Foreign School strives to offer a balanced program of academics, athletics, and arts. We believe that both academic and nonacademic life are equally important

and help to shape our students into model citizens of the world.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire each learner and provide educational services that nurture their social, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth.

BFS students are prepared to enter top universities worldwide and become responsible, contributing citizens in a rapidly changing world.

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Busan Foreign School - New Haeundae

Located in the popular Haeundae New Town area, BFS is easily accessible via private or public transport.

Its vicinity to the Ulsan expressway makes it ideal for daily Ulsan commuters.

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The American international school of Busan

University preparatory program for ages 3-18
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